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Answers to All Your Inquiries

After sending an inquiry, how long does it take to hear from DevOps Codes?

Our team shall get back to you within 24 hours, for inquiry received on the weekend (Sat & Sun) shall receive a reply on the next working day.

Where is DevOps Codes registered, and which time zone are you using?

DevOps Codes is a registered company in Singapore, Our engineers cover most Asia & Europe timezone.

What is the next step after sending inquiry?

After receiving your project details, we will schedule a POC call with you via Zoom.

What experiences does your engineer have?

DevOps Codes engineers are certified with AWS & Azure with minimum of 2 years DevOps experience.

What application are you specialize in?

DevOps Codes integrate our client's projects with various application, including IaC (Terraform), Git (Github, GitLab, AWS CodeCommit), CI/CD (AWS CodePipeline, Github Action, Gitlab CI, AzureDevOps), Docker (AWS ECS, Kubernetes, Azure AKS), Prometheus, Grafana. We also build Cloud with best practices using: AutoSaling, HighAvailability, Serverless, FaultTolerant, CostOptimised, Secure & Observability.

What is the rate to hire your DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Codes service fee depends on the project size and the engineers' experience.

What size of project do you take?

We support both small MVP projects and participate in bigger teams working for global companies.

What are DevOps goals?

DevOps delivery pipeline ensures faster deployment frequency, market time, recovery time and lower failure rate of new releases. DevOps aims at quicker development and deployment cycles through continuous testing, quality testing, feature development and maintenance releases for improved reliability and security.

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