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Will DevOps Engineer grow higher?

A survey carried out by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) shows that the median annual salary in the IT field will jump by 15% by 2031.

This shows a promising demand in the sector, and here is what you need to know to get started before committing your precious time. A fancy degree is optional in the tech industry. However, learning a few essential skills will help to kick-start your journey.

Start learning a programming language. Here are a few well-known languages used in the field: JavaScript, C++, Python, PHP

Sign up for online programming courses for in-depth knowledge taught by experts.

Build up a portfolio and work with a mentor as a side job. It will help with transitioning from your career and gaining experience.

Soft skills are essential - Companies prefer to hire programmers who can communicate and express ideas or issues with the team.

How easy or difficult do you find your learning journey?


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